Recommendations on Color Blocking Your Pants

Shopping can be fun when you are aware what you desire and where to acquire it. Yet, you might run into problems if you have already acquired clothes but you will not know what to pair it up with. This applies mostly for color jeans for women. Just how many ladies spend an eternity trying to find the best piece of cloth to pair up with their favourite colour jeans? Worry no more because all you need to know is a few basics to colour block your clothes.

Red Jeans

If you are wearing a bright colour such as red, you should pair it up with an equally bright colour just like orange or pink. This can be in form of a top or a hand bag. Red pants can also be won with any top containing prints of the same colour. Red colored jeans can also be combined with a black top. Rock this look for any social event and you’re going to stand out and surprise everyone. Therefore whatever you decide to wear with your red pants, be certain that it makes you the star attraction.

Yellow Jeans

The other colored pants you wish to color block are yellow jeans. They always have a feel good effect on you if you have them on. Yellow is generally blocked with bright colors too. You can pair up yellow jeans with a succulent combination such as a blue blouse, black shoes, and a pink clutch bag. You can also choose to pair up yellow jeans with a white top or coat. This can pass in any official or even casual event. On the other hand, don’t make the mistake of combining yellow jeans with a black top. You might end up resembling a bee. Life does not have to be dull around you anymore when you decide to have fun with all these colors.

Also you can decide to neutralize the effect of brightness such as blue and cobalt with a neutral one. These neutrals can be grey, black or white depending with the function you are attending.

Dull Colors

You can also add spice into your dull dressing by deciding to block it with a bright accessory. Suppose you have cream jeans and a brown top, you can break the monotony by having a brightly done accessory such as a clutch bag, as well as a belt. The best colors to use for blocking dull jeans are green, pink, yellow and a bright blue.

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