How to Spot Fake Jeans – Advice to Help You Find the Authentic Jeans

Everyone likes to have a perfect pair of jeans. Designer jeans are very popular these days, as the combination of comfort and great fit is not available in the regular ones. There is a huge demand for the designer men jeans today, and every other individual wants to wear one.

Besides these being expensive, there is another challenge that many people face, the fake designer jeans. When you are investing in buying a good and high quality pair of jeans, you would not want to a fake one in return. Isn’t it?

Because there so many fake jeans available in the market today, it is important for you as a customer to verify and buy the original designer jeans for men. Here are a few ways by which you can distinguish the branded original jeans from the fake ones:-

  • Fabric – The quality of the denim fabric is the biggest and most prominent difference in the premium jeans and the regular ones. Before you make the purchase look and verify the quality of denim fabric used to manufacture the product. The original pair will have a softer and lighter feel of the fabric when you touch it.
    Stitching – One other way of distinguishing fake jeans from the original designer jeans is the stitching work done on the material. Original jeans are crafted keeping in mind the smallest details. The stitching work of the original pair will be even, perfect and tight.
    Pockets – Most of the brands of jeans have their own style of pockets as their statement. You can figure out the difference in the pocket design if it is not original. You can visit the website of the designer jeans brand and look for the specifications. You can spot out the difference when you go for shopping in the store.
    Label – Earlier, label was the only thing you look for to distinguish between an original and a fake pair of jeans. Now the manufacturers have become very smart at their job, and thus you need to look for the stitching of the label on the jeans. If the stitching is loose and not perfect then the pair of jeans is not original.

Designer jeans are expensive but are totally worth their price, which is if you buy the original pair. It is totally worth to check out for the original pair of jeans and make your money worth the expense.

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