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Simple Rules For Wearing Dress Shoes With Your Jeans

Jeans are very popular and almost every man owns a pair or more. The versatile trousers have been around for decades and they continue to be popular among men and women of all ages. When wearing jeans, it is important to make sure that they complement your entire look. Most men are not sure whether it is okay to wear jeans with dress shoes. If you have been wondering if this is kosher, the good news is that it is completely acceptable as long as you follow some simple rules.

The right type of jeans

You have to make sure that you are wearing the right type or style of jeans. There are many styles of jeans in the market and not all will work with your dress shoes. The fact is that most jeans are casual and they are not suitable for formal events. However, there are some jeans that are fancy than others and they can be worn in formal settings. Jeans with holes, distressed jeans and light wash jeans are very casual and should never be worn to an official dinner or cocktail event. Formal denim should fit well in the hips and waist and they should not be too long or baggy. Dark colored jeans are also more suitable for formal settings.

The right dress shoes

Apart from choosing the right jeans, you should also choose the right dress shoes. Not all shoe types are suitable for pairing with jeans. Remember that both the shoes and the jeans should work together and you need to pick shoes that lean more towards the casual end of things. Oxford shoes are perfect with your suit but they are too formal for jeans. You are better off choosing Loafers, Bluchers, Dessert boots, or other less formal dress shoe styles. You should think about the shape and construction of the shoes. Slip-ons work perfectly when paired with your smart men jeans.

Consider the entire outfit

You need to balance all the elements of your outfit when you decide to wear jeans with dress shoes. If you decide to go this route, a sweatshirt or tee shirt will not do! You should instead choose a dress shirt or a well-fitted button down and collared shirt. You should also choose simple accessories to avoid overwhelming the look, and you can complete the look with a hat.

If you have a large frame, it is important to know that these shoes will make your feet look smaller. You should also be careful with this look if you have a large midsection. A sports jacket can help to cover your midsection. Bringing balance to your outfit will help you to look smart and proportionate.

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