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Buying Women’s Jeans – Biggest Mistakes That Many Moms Make

Buying jeans is never easy and it is even more difficult for moms. Most women are worried about wearing jeans that are not the right fit. No one can forget the much maligned “mom jeans” trend and everyone will agree that this is a topic best left undiscussed! Unfortunately, in trying to avoid the ugly, loose fitting, butt-enlarging pants, many moms are making mistakes and going to the other extreme. Following are some mistakes to avoid when buying women’s jeans.

Choosing extremely low-rise jeans

Just because you want to avoid the elongated mom jeans look does not mean that you should go for “low-rise” jeans. Most moms will admit that the jeans they wore before the babies are not wearable post baby. Unless you plan to wear long shirts every time you wear your jeans, you need to make sure that you get the right fit. Remember that underwear should remain hidden and no one wants to see your backside every time you bend. Test run your jeans before buying them and you might be glad to know that high-rise jeans are actually trendy!

Choosing light-colored jeans

White and light colored jeans might be fashionable, but they are not for everyone. The fact is that a busy mom is likely to encounter everything from spaghetti stains to muddy handprints. Unless you plan to save the jeans for special occasions, preferably when the kids are sleeping, you should stick to dark colors. It is also important to remember that light colors will make you look bigger and if you are trying to hide some post baby weight, white jeans are not your best bet.

Getting a size too big

You will not hide your extra weight with baggy jeans. The fact is that oversize jeans are not flattering on anyone! If you want to look smart, look for well fitting jeans that are styled to suit your body shape. Wearing boyfriend jeans may be stylish and shapeless jeans can work around the house, but you should avoid wearing oversize jeans when you walk out of the door.

Jeans that are too small

Just as large jeans are a bad idea, small jeans are another “no- go” area. The fact is that they are not flattering and no one wants to see your muffin top. You need to realize that your body has changed and styles that were perfect for you before kids may not be ideal after. You will feel better and more comfortable when you wear jeans that fit.

Buy designer womens jeans that suit your body and avoid falling for passing trends.

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