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If Done Right, Choosing a Pair of Women’s Jeans Is No Rocket Science

Not all kinds of dress styles suit every woman. Some women are tall others short, some are stocky and others slim and so something that a slim and tall woman pulls off may not suit a short and stocky person. It is surely challenging to be able to find the perfect pair of black jeans for women. With that said the task is not rocket science and can be easily mastered by following just a few easy tips.

Jeans that create an illusion of tallness is a good choice for short stature girls. This can be achieved by going for jeans that remain just below the belly button yet higher on the waist. It can be uncomfortable to be wearing jeans that are above the belly button and also it draws a lot of attention. Stretch denim jeans are a good option for women who are short as well as stout. The stretchable fabric will ensure accommodation of every curve. Jeans with a long seam helps create an illusion of height too. You seem taller when you wear jeans that have a floor length hem. You also should wear shoes with a little bit of heals to go with floor length jeans.

Jeans that have an ankle length hem is the preferred choice for tall women. Tall women can go for jeans that are low-rise to make your long legs look a bit shorter. Flared jeans create a shapely illusion and so slim and tall women are better off choosing this type. Ankle fitted tapered jeans are perfect for girls who lack curves. This provides the illusion of wide hips and thighs that are curvy.

Women with a huge belly need to choose carefully because the style of jeans needs to ride high on the tummy yet stay below the belly button. This will make the tummy look flatter than it actually is. These days one can easily find jeans that are specifically made for tummy control. The fabric used for such jeans are soft and stretchable denim which provides comfort as well as looks good on you. These styles are designed with the main aim of providing comfort as well as style to women who have a paunch.

Flat bottomed women can choose jeans that are specifically made in a way to lift and also adds shape to the bottom. The biggest blunder would be to wear huge and baggy jeans in an attempt to hide your bottom. This will only make the condition worse by giving a flatter appearance to your bottom and will also make your waist, thighs and hips look huge.

Choosing jeans without any embellishments and jeans that have pockets that are low riding create illusion of thinness to women with huge bottoms. Having adornments or designs on the back pocket attracts attention to the area and this will lead to people noticing the huge bottom. Going for jeans with plain pockets will rid you of this problem. Such women need to select jeans that are straight legged because this style would not be fitted at the bottom and so gives the effect of smaller bottom.

It is also vital to shop jeans based on color in addition to the body shape. Darker shades will give you a thinning appearance which also has an added advantage of drawing heat. This makes colored jeans from Robin’s Jean a perfect choice in summer. Visit our website!


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