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Tips for Finding the Perfect Fitting Black Jeans

With so many jeans available in the market, finding the perfect pair of jeans can prove challenging. What may initially start out as an exciting and euphoric experience can turn into a depressing outcome. However, armed with a few tips, you can be sure of finding a truly perfect fit you will be happy to wear for many years. It is advisable to factor in your body shape (i.e. boyish, pear shape, hourglass or petite) when shopping for a pair of jeans. The tips for choosing women’s black jeans include:

  • Boot-cut jeans

The boot-cut ones are often considered the original jeans. They are loved by all people, from cowboys to fashion conscious girls, for many decades now. Many jeans styles have appeared on the scene and fallen out with time, but the boot-cut has remained a classic. The boot-cut ones fit the thighs, but then flare slightly from the knees. A pocket detailing can help complement your look. Furthermore, a mid-rise boot-cut is often considered a flattering pair of jeans.

  • Skinny jeans

Black skinny jeans offer a wardrobe staple and are a favorite for many fashion conscious women. Not only do they make a woman look smart and attractive, they go a long way in making a woman look fashionable. They look great when they are worn with heels and boots, making them a versatile shape. They also remain tight from the legs down to the ankles. Women who are interested in a super skinny fit may consider a pair of black jeans with ankle zips.

  • Straight jeans

Straight ones have a way of making the legs look much longer, with black straight jeans offering a wonderful androgynous appeal. They make the wearer look attractive, without overdoing it, and can be worn casually. Skinny jeans offer the perfect compromise between boot cuts and skinny jeans. Therefore, if you are bored about boot-cuts or shy about wearing skinny ones, straight ones can work just fine. The straight jeans feature straight legs from the hips to the ankles. The straight cut tends to skim the legs, slimming the thighs and calves. If you are interested in wearing heels, choose a longer length.

  • Flared jeans

Flare ones have been dominating the catwalks in recent times. They are very flattering and easy to wear. A flared pair is usually tight around the thighs, but then widens from the knees to the foot. On the other hand, a kick flare features jeans that flare-out from the ankles rather than the knees. Flared jeans can be worn with towering wedges and a chiffon blouse to give the 70’s vibe.

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