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Tips for Achieving the Perfect Look

You can become a fashion icon by the choice of hat you wear. When you get the chance to wear a designer hat, make the best of it. Nevertheless, it is advisable to select a hat first before choosing your dress. Ideally, ladies’ designer hats should seek to match handbags and color-coordinate the outfit. You will be surprised how much people will comment about your hat, rather than your outfit. Whether you are interested in finding a perfect accessory to match your favorite outfit or an accessory to protect you from the sun or an accessory to keep you warm during the cold season, there are several designer hats from which to choose.

  • A chic look

If you are interested in adding a chic look to your dress code, a woolen hat offers a unique style that is borne to give your outfit a trendy edge. A solid black designer hat has a way of generating a classic look. Furthermore, special decorative touches in the form of embellishments or flowers have a way of making a strong statement. A designer skullcap has a way of giving the wearer a vintage look. Therefore, choosing a funky knit style, accessorized with romantic rosette can help you achieve the right romantic, vintage look. A black skull hat is borne to give you a vintage look or modern edge.

  • A trendy style

A designer beret is more likely to give you a trendy Parisian look. You can achieve a trendy look, while at the same time staying warm. Beret designed using durable wool and those that stay securely on the head can go a long way in making you look trendy, while staying warm during the windiest days. Furthermore, rag hats are increasingly becoming a favorite for many women looking for a trendy style. The trapper hat offers a feminine twist that makes the ideal accessory during winter. Traditionally, the trapper hat is made using thick wool material. Furthermore, the hat features ear flats and a fur lining that gives extra warmth.

  • The balanced look

Wearing women designer hat is all about color coordinating as opposed to color matching, to complete your outfit. The rules seem to have changed and it is often considered old-fashioned for all clothing to match. Besides, bags, shoes and hats are so decorative, such that it would be very unfortunate to restrict yourself to a single color. Therefore, a single hat can be worn with different outfits. Furthermore, when choosing designer women hats it is advisable to factor in your personality.

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