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All You Need To Know About Stretch Jeans

Stretch jeans are the first choice of all the denim lovers. So, the denim collections are overflooding with different types of stretch jeans nowadays. It became popular some years ago and now is the most lovable jeans of all. But along with the popularity, comes many questions as well. Various kinds of stretch jeans are available in the market to fit different body shapes and sizes. Many people even want to know how it relates to other material. Here is some guidance to help you find the perfect pair for yourself.

What are stretch jeans?

Stretch denim fabric is used to make stretch jeans. Stretch denim is a new kind of jeans in which spandex and elastane are used. One to three percent elastane is included in the material. They often look like regular ordinary denims but offer more stretchability and help in the body movements of the wearer. They fit wearer’s body more perfectly than any other regular jeans.

Who can wear them?

These help to enhance the look of the wearer. Select the pair that not only suits your own style but your body shape as well. Always do consider the stretch factor when shopping for stretch denim. Jeans always stretch out after wearing a few times. So, it is better you buy a small sized ones and wait until it fits you perfectly after some wears. Opt for skinny ones if you are plus size.

How much stretch do you need?

The amount of stretch varies from one person to another. Flexibility of denim depends on the amount of elastane used. It helps it to fit your body more perfectly than any ordinary denim. Different stretch denims are as follows –

1% stretch – Adequate stretch is offered to you so that you can feel comfortable enough. These retain their size and shape.

2% stretch – It helps to flaunt your curves and provides you comfort so that you can sit and stand well.

3-4% stretch – This type is very soft and provides very good body fitting.

What is the difference between stretch jeans and jeggings?

Stretch jeans are made of elastane, while jeggings are a tight pair of skinny jeans. The former is available from boot cut to skinny, while jeggings are very flexible, stretchy and soft. Jeggings are made of spandex, light denim fabric or cotton. They are made to copy the look of regular denim jeans.

How should you care for them?

Stretch jeans should be handled with care. It is a good idea to wash your jeans in order to keep it in proper shape. Visit us!

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