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Choice and Benefits of Designer Leather Hats

Leather is a natural medium that can be crafted by anybody. It can be cut, tooled, molded, dyed, pressed, embossed, sewn, braided, engraved, painted, stained, burned and much more. In addition, it can be used for many functional items, such as hats, clothing, furniture, automobile upholstery, bags, wallets, purses, shoestrings, belts, boots, etc. Leather is often combined with other materials to make products which are less expensive, but attractive. Designer leather hats remain popular choice because of the benefits they offer.

  • Craftsmanship

There are different types of skins and hides, and different processes for tanning and treating these skins/hides into leather. The fewer the imperfections on the animal skin or hide, the less the finishing steps required to be done by leather artisan. If you consider a premium quality skin or hide, there are few imperfections. Furthermore, the natural grain is retained, while any dye used on it helps to enhance its beauty. However, it is not uncommon to have a natural grain that has many imperfections. Hence, the natural grain needs to be sanded away, creating room for an imitation grain pressed or embossed into the surface and the hide dyed accordingly.

  • Choice of leather hats

When choosing designer leather look hat, it is advisable to inspect the leather carefully. Ensure it looks natural, is soft and smells good. Generally, the softer the leather feels, the better the quality of hat. Nevertheless, several factors influence the quality of leather. For example, if you consider the genetic makeup of animal’s, food supply and the environment, different hide skins have unique variations in terms of texture and color. The various colors, wrinkles, indentions and marks on the skin or hide are signs of its uniqueness and beauty.

  • Benefits of leather hats

The properties in the hats make the hats more superior, compared with other materials, like fabrics. The hats tend to have an exceptionally long life, often lasting 5-times longer than fabrics. Furthermore, the hats are much stronger and do not tear easily, and this explains why they are popular with people who spend most of their time working outdoors. Leather offers more resistance to fire, compared with other fabrics and has the ability to retain its shape, without cracking or peeling. In addition, leather hats breathe, making them comfortable during cold or hot temperatures, unlike other fabrics. The hats are also recommended for their resistance to heat & sun damage. Moreover, they age well and retain their good looks, many years to come.

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