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Shoes For Your Different Jeans

Women, let us face it; you all want a piece of cloth in your wardrobe that is safe to wear and comes in handy any day of the week. Women’s jeans are what you ought to have in your wardrobe. However, finding a perfect fit is usually too much work. Many women will try at least four pairs of jeans to find one that fits them well. These pants come in different sizes, cuts, colors and from different manufacturers. What you need to know as a woman is that different manufacturers have their own different definitions of the above terms. You therefore need to know your fit when going to pick up jeans. Here are a few accessories to pair up with when you wear jeans.

Flared Jeans

When you find the one that makes you look trendy, the next thing that should be in your mind is usually the shoe to wear it with. Different types of jeans are paired up with different type of shoes. To start with, if you are wearing flared pants or as they are famously known ‘bell-bottoms’ you need a shoe that will not get covered in all the denim mass at the bottom. You also should never tuck these pants into anything, therefore, flared jeans and boots are a fashion crime. Think more in the lines of high-heeled shoes. You can also try high-heeled boots, but do not tuck the jeans in! Bell bottoms will also go well with sneakers and wedge heels.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans can go with practically any type of shoe. These are simply one of the most popular women’s wear currently. Have you tried wearing skinny jeans and boots? This passes as one of the best options and safest bets. These pants were ideally made to be tucked into boots – any type of boots. However, you need to wear boots that will not draw all the attention to your footwear and not the rest of the body. You can also wear skinny jeans with flat shoes especially for those of you with long legs. You can also pair up your skinnies with heels.

Boot cut Jeans

Boot cut jeans are the other type of denim that requires your knowledge on what to pair it with. These are best worn with boots. You can wear them with basically any type of shoe from sandals, to platforms, to sneakers and boots.

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Outfits To Pair Up With Black Jeans

Every woman wants to have an outfit in their wardrobe that they can wear any day without having to spend countless hours thinking of what to wear them with. Women’s black jeans are a must-have in the closet and they come in handy no matter the time of the year or day of the week. You can wear these jeans with practically any other clothing in the closet. Black is the safest color to have in your closet. All you need to do is style them to suit your occasion and the time of the year. Here are a few tips on what you can wear with a black jeans.

Chilly weather

You can pair up the jeans with black ankle boots, and a long pea coat. As for the other accessories, you can decide on what to wear. Black can go with any color so it is up to you to decide on which one best fits the occasion. Ankle boots and a pea coat give you a much more casual look and can be worn mostly during chilly weather seasons.

Night out

Another way of wearing jeans that are black is by including flat shoes, a polka-dotted top, a coral cardigan and mint statement necklace. This can be paired up with geeky glasses and a clutch bag preferably a brown one. This outfit is perfect for a night out with the ladies.

Menswear motivated appearances

It is always fascinating for ladies to wear menswear, and what better way than to pair it up with black jeans. Think of bright-colored accessories and a biker jacket. Pair it up with brightly colored shoes and a shirt. This removes the dull from the outfit and gets you ready for the weekend mood.

Fall outfit

Another way to combine an outfit is by wearing a red blazer, white top, flat shoes and a scarf that has a print. Preferably, this print should either be black and white or a leopard one. The same outfit can be won with high heels as well. A black leather jacket might also be worn instead of the red blazer and a red and black checked scarf in place of the scarf with prints.

During fall, you can also try brown long boots and a plain colored cardigan preferably a shade of brown. Add a beanie hat and a scarf to this combo and you have the perfect fall outfit. Check our newest items!

Black should not be boring after all, it’s a universal color so play with it.

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How To Dress Like A Celebrity For Your Next Big Event

When going out on any event, whether it is a high-profile event, or simply a wedding in your hometown, it is important to dress in the best way possible. These days there are people who refer to themselves as fashion police, and if any of them happen to cross paths with you and they choose to make you their next big story, you can only hope that whatever they will say will be positive, since they can really bring people down by their comments.

For the men out there, it is important to dress impeccably, and the following is a good place to start, just in case you have no clue.

1. The hat

Men’s hats have been in the fashion scene for a very long time, and they can either make a man look like a joker, or they can speak volumes of good things about the wearer. Depending on the event, as well as the part of the world that one is in, the type of hat that one chooses is very important. Wearing a hat the same colour as your suit is always a good way to begin, and making sure to remove it and put it back on when addressing a lady or a person of authority immediately proves that one is a gentleman.

2. The suit

Suits are the definition of today’s man; however, if the suit is all wrong, then it will give a very bad definition of the wearer. Unlike in the old days, suits have to be ‘slim fit’, meaning that you cannot afford to wear even one size bigger than you actually are. Suits that fit a man will always make him look masculine and elegant, a look that every man ought to go for. The only problem here is that there are some men who wear suits that make it very hard to breath, making the wearer very uncomfortable; that is not fashionable.

3. The neck accessory

Whether the man wants to wear a slim tie, a bow tie, or a chain, it is important to wear one that complements the shirt. Wearing a tie whose colour will be swallowed up by the shirt or a chain that will not be visible is not worth wearing, wear a neck accessory that will stand out, and complement the shirt and the suit. The oldest trick here is wearing a black tie, slim tie or bow tie, and a white shirt, it always works.

4. The watch

Watches are fast becoming the fashion item that most people who want to look expensive are going for. With this age of cell phones that tell time, people have stopped producing counterfeit watches and the market is now packed with designer watches, pieces that when worn make a man look classy and sharp.

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Distinguishing Between A Designer Hat And A Fake Hat

These days, people have discovered that hats are becoming a very important fashion item, especially the designer ones. There are hats for almost every occasion, and since there are some entrepreneurs who want to cash in on this great opportunity, the number of fake designer hats in the market has been on the rise. In order to protect consumers, here is a list of things that people ought to look out for when they are out shopping for their favourite hats:

The branding – correct name and logo

Some people do not take enough time to look at the label or the logo of their favourite designers properly, which leads them to making a mistake when making the purchase. Fake products are designed by tweaking the names or images of designer products in the smallest possible way, so as to mislead buyers who are not paying close attention to what they are buying, so that they think they are buying the real thing.

The quality of the fabric

The real designer products are made from good quality material that is both appealing to the eye and touch. Designer products will not wear down quickly or tear easily, they will not fade over time and they will always look good, that is with proper handling of course.

The price that you are asked to pay for it

Something about designer hats is that they are quite expensive when you compare them to other products in the market. Some people say that ‘if the deal is too good, think twice’ and there is a lot of truth in that statement, especially with regard to hats. The fake products in the market will often be cheaper than the real thing, since their production process is cheaper and their distribution is illegal.

Styles or colours that you have never seen before

Designer companies have colours that they set apart to be their product colours, and unless the company clearly advertises products of different colours from what it is used to, coming across products of different colours is a clear sign that the products are fakes.

The packaging

Finally, the designer hats will obviously come in a package that will be unique to the company. Coming across the product on a shelf without the proper packaging, or having a dealer hand it to you on the streets is a sure sign that you are buying a fake. Do your research before you buy one, it will surely save you a lot of time, money and disappointment. Visit us!

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A Short History Of Jeans And Their Social Influence

Nothing spells “casual wear” than a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. We have accustomed so much with our denim jeans, but we are less knowledgeable about their history and influence throughout time. Their simplicity and sex-appeal is what that charms us. Jeans were not initially recognized as a symbol of universal comfort. It took time until they become appreciated and revolutionized fashion.

Jeans were invented almost two hundred years ago, by the famous Levi Strauss. Although the first pairs of jeans were invented back in the 1860s, it would take some more years before they were officially registered. In 20th May 1873, Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis obtained the patent for manufacturing blue jeans.

The first jeans were made of denim, the traditional fabric for men’s work-wear. The new style was an instant success. The style was influenced by the Genoese sailors, in which the flared bottom fits over the boots. Did you know that the fabric used by Levi was known as Serge de Nîmes, a very popular fabric in France. This is from where the term ‘denim’ comes. The pants were dyed with indigo and this is why they were named ‘blue jeans’. Levi jeans became popular among the working class. Miners, cowboys, lumberjacks, factory workers, farmers or plant workers all loved jeans because they were both durable and comfortable.

By the end of the 19th century and the start of the 20th century, 2 major jean companies were trying to capitalize the market. These were the H.D. Lee Mercantile Company, established in Kansas, USA in 1898, and the Western Garment Company (GWG), founded in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, in 1911. They both expanded over time and by the 1960’s both were also producing casual clothing. In 1963 Levi Strauss & Co bought 65% of GWG.

Jeans brought more equality between sexes than you can imagine. In the 1870s women who worked side by side with men at ranches or plants also decided to wear jeans. Rodeo women stars or cowgirls were also pictured in jeans. In 1930, the Vogue magazine ran an advertisement with 2 society ladies wearing jeans, describing the style as the ‘Western chic’. Jeans were also seen as symbol for the fight against sexual differences.

Jeans became a symbol of the youth rebellion in the 1950-60 decade. Inspired by Hollywood stars portraying rebellious characters wearing jeans, youngsters have begun adopting this fashion. After the 1960, jeans became more popular among teens and less popular among adults. But a new explosion of styles ensured that this comfy clothing is here to stay. Visit us!

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Common Styles For Jeans

One of the most common clothing on the planet, jeans, have gone through several major changes and now we have tens of styles available on the market. Easy to be customized and manufacture, jeans have become a symbol of youth and wild spirit. They can make you look bad-ass or hipster, as long as you know what style to wear and which accessories to use. Check out the following most common styles for jeans and how they are creates!

But first, let us start with the washing part. Depending on the type of wash, jeans will have a different tinting and will appeal to certain style. Washed denim are the raw denim jeans to which certain dyes were applied and stabilizing agents were removed. These jeans become soften and more comfortable to wear. The shrinkage effect is also reduce during washing. Most men prefer this type of fabric. Acid wash and dirty wash are the main two types of denim washing.

Dirty washed denim have dark-blue with yellow tinting, creating a distressed appearance. You can use them for a well-worn apparel. Stonewashed jeans have become more popular in the recent years and it is basically a key part for any casual looking collection. Although some manufacturers actually use stones to give this finish look, most of them rely on chemicals. Vintage wash is the most common way to create distressed jeans. And they fit best to a retro look.

And now, let’s talk about jeans styles.

  • Bootcut jeans appeals to fashionable guys. The slim cut fits closely with a slight flare towards the leg opening. This style is well appreciated because it balances the body really good.
  • Relaxed fit jeans are recommended for people with wider legs. The relaxed fit of the jeans will open around the tights and will provide some spacing from the waist to knee. The calf of the jeans can be modified to look wider towards the bottom or sit straight.
  • Slim-straight are designed for people with thinner body that still want the classic look. The tight region of the jeans is slimmed, but the calm is kept straight. There is no tapering or widening involved.
  • Skinny jeans have an exaggerated slim fit, extra thing around waist and calf. They are made to show that the person wearing it is really thin.
  • Depending on the distance from the middle of the crotch seam to the top of the waistband, we have low, medium and high-rise jeans.

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Spring And Summer Jeans To Wear In 2017

Choosing the right outfit to wear may be a nightmarish task. Luckily, you can never go wrong with jeans. They come in all sort of sizes and shapes and they can be quickly adapted to any style. Jeans can be worn any time, including in the hot spring and summer months. Fashion stylists and designers have already prepared us with tons of suggestions on what jeans to wear and how to wear them. Just read the following tips.

Denim is still the best fabric for jeans and its durability and versatility leaves room for imagining plenty of wild projects. Denim white, grey and neutral jeans are the first choice for these hot days.

For cool spring mornings, a pair of distressed skinny jeans, matched with a cozy tee or jacket and some boots is all that takes to steal the looks of passerby. Ankle cropped jeans are both provocative and rebel and require a similar matching top outfit. So be careful to what you pair them up.

All laced up jeans, like the ones recently promoted and worn by Kendal Jenner, are making a sensational comeback. High-waisted laced up jeans, worn with a leather jack and a band t-shirt are a new trend. Visit us!

On opposition to skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans also have their special place on the stage. Boyfriend slouchy and relaxed fit jeans will look nice with a long coat and a pair of high-heels. However, boyfriend jeans can also be worn a big baggier, after all, they were conceived to look like jeans girl steal from their boyfriends. They will give the wearer a fresh and relaxed look, even a hip one when matched with colorful accessories. Cuffed jeans and those with cut off hems are a bit edgier, but they are perfect if you want to display your shoes. More and more designers promote uneven hem cuts.

Bad-boy motorcycle denim style enhances wearer’s masculine prowess. Studded motorcycle styles, accessorized with some chains and a leather cap is a new trend, easily spotted on the streets of LA. Slim-to-straight style is definitely the one which should be worn this summer. There’s no need to torture your legs if you have regular size legs. Vintage denim style and light, unwashed denim jeans are the next must have clothes on the shopping list. Careful when you select and match ripped denim jeans. Sometimes it’s OK, sometimes will just be obnoxiously kitschy.

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