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Tips for Choosing Men’s Hats

Humans tend to find objects that are largely symmetry, attractive. Therefore, faces that are more symmetrical are considered more appealing. Fortunately, there is something we can do, other than surgery, to enhance the symmetry of our facial features. Women often mitigate their asymmetries by getting a haircut or hairstyle that flatters the shape of their face. Men, however, may not have enough variety to achieve the same effect, but the right men’s hats can help a men look more dapper. The right hat can increase a man’s strong features, giving them a sharper appearance. The tips for choosing the right hat include:

· Oval or anomalous face

Oval faces are no doubt lucky. A face that is perfectly symmetrical can look good in any hat, apart from a deerstalker. If you do not have a short, full face or an oval face, a medium brimmed hat will give you a classic look. A rambler-style trilby fits many face shapes and matches most clothing.

· Long nose

If you have a long nose, choose a hat that breaks the line from brim to the nose’s tip. A hat that features a wide width brim that extends beyond the tip of the nose is a good idea. Furthermore, it should have a medium height crown, without being too tightly pinched at the front. In addition, the hat should have minimal to non-existent taper, wide & colorful hatband and a tilt to the side. The recommended hat for men with long noses is the Fedora.

· Prominent jaw

Men with prominent jaws need to wear a hat that balances their strong chin. A hat that features a medium width brim, snapped fully across is a good idea. However, the wearer needs to make sure the hut does not turn up sharply in the back because this is likely to make the jaw even more prominent. Furthermore, the right hat should feature a low or medium height crown, while avoiding too high or full crowns. A hat with side dents tends to add the right fullness. A level side tilt and slight taper is good, with the recommended hat for a man with a prominent jaw being a Fedora.

· Receding chin

Men with a receding chin require a hat that draws attention upwards, away from their chin. Therefore, a hat with a low height crown, a significant taper, a narrow hatband and a very shallow snap or flat brim can help. Furthermore, the hat should have a level, significant side tilt. Some of the recommended hats for men with a receding chin include the Trilby, Porkpie and Fedora that features a short brim and crown.

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Growing Popularity of Men’s Leather Hats

Men’s leather hats are gaining prominence in the male fashion industry. The image of a good-looking man driving a convertible or riding a horse wearing a leather hat is becoming iconic and classic. Driving a convertible on the fast lane can be adrenaline moving, as well as exhilarating. Unlike other many other materials, leather offers a robust durability and a defense against the extreme, harsh weather. While a regular straw or cotton hat may be shredded with every fall, a leather hat is not damaged easily. Even an experienced cowboy can lose control and fall from his horse, getting hurt. Wearing a leather hat can help absorb any surprise contact with the ground.

· Fashion favorite

Black leather has often been used to represent rebellion. However, today black hats are a fashion favorite item, the same way black jeans are. As a result, black hats make a great costume for a fashion conscious man, who is determined to have a hat that offers resilience. Associated with its protective characteristics and toughness, leather makes the perfect headgear during hot or cold seasons. Its ability to withstand heat and sun damage makes the leather hat a great option when you are outdoors. Furthermore, its ability to breathe well makes it a comfortable accompaniment during cold or hot weather.

· Flexible & stylish

Leather hats are recommended for their stylish and flexible material. Whether worn to a party, at the horse truck, shopping, a bar, a date out, etc, you will find a hat that caters for your sense of style and budget. There is a variety of selections available in the market, featuring different sizes, styles and colors. Even though you are the type of man that does not worry too much about the trends, wearing one such hat is a sure way to impress anyone you meet. A good hat has a way of speaking well about any personality, whether simple, polished, donned or opulent.

· High-quality merchandise

Although men’s hats are expensive, you are guaranteed of getting a hat made using top materials and tools. Therefore, you can expect the hat to withstand the test of time. The hats offer an exclusive item because they are not common. Hence, you can expect to stand out from the crowd as a sophisticated man. Moreover, the hats are versatile and robust; making high quality merchandise that can be worn for defense, fashion, ease, comfort and assertion. Visit

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Clothes That Every Woman Must Splurge On

Fashion is not always affordable and easy on the pocket. However, there are a few fashion pieces that even though a little expensive, is worth every penny. So, here are some fashion pieces that you must splurge on and include in your wardrobe.

Black leather jacket – This is one item that you must spend on unabashedly. A black leather jacket adds a little bit of quirk and turns boring attire to a funky one. A leather jacket can be worn over jeans, a dress or even shorts. It is the perfect piece to increase your style quotient.

Leather boots – When it comes to boots, leather boots are the best to have. Even though a little pricey, you must not compromise when it comes to footwear and buy the best that there is as it makes a huge difference in style as well as comfort.

A good blazer – A sharp and good blazer is a must have item as nothing speaks business more than a good blazer. So, for a business meeting or for a formal look, you must invest and carefully pick one for yourself.

A good bag – A bag or a purse is an important accessory for any woman to have and this is why you must invest in a good bag that can be carried with any outfit with ease.

A pair of good fitted jeans – The importance of a pair of good fitted jeans in a wardrobe cannot be undermined. Be it boot cut, straight leg or skinny jeans, it is necessary to have a good pair of jeans that fit you perfectly as jeans happens to be one item that is capable of both – making and breaking your look.

The little Black Dress – A perfect little black dress or LBD is a must have item in every woman’s closet. A black dress has the power to transform your whole look and thus, it is necessary to invest in such a piece. The LBD can make you look stylish, classy, elegant and confident all at once and hence, it is one item that you must spend on.

Diamond Earrings – There are various different kinds of jewellery but nothing can top the classic diamond earrings. As the saying goes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend and righty so as they go with everything. Diamond earrings can do wonders to the whole attire and this is why, one must not refrain from getting a good pair of diamond earrings for themselves.

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What Type Of Jeans Tall Women Should Purchase

Jeans is one item that is required by all and is a mandatory item that can be found in the closet of every person – be it a 16 year old teenager or a 40 year old working woman. Thus, due to the importance of this particular item, it becomes very essential to buy a pair of proper jeans. However, the kind of jeans that you buy depends on various factors like your height, taste, style, etc. So, if you are a tall woman who is looking out to buy new pairs, here are some tips for you.

Check the inseam – It becomes difficult for tall women to buy proper jeans of the correct length because most that are available come with a maximum of 34 inch inseam, which is the correct measurement for average heighted women. However, taller women need to check the inseam before buying as the 34 inch inseam jeans will not be of appropriate height. So, it is advised to check the length of the inseam before buying them.

Buy ones with wide waistband – Taller women have a torso that is longer than any average heighted woman. For this very reason, it is recommended that they go for wide waistband jeans as opposed to normal ones as it not only looks attractive, but also provides with the perfect fit.

Go for straight leg – Straight leg jeans is a great option for women who are naturally blessed with height as these create a look of linear proportion between the lower and upper halves of any tall woman’s silhouette. They not only complement the tall frame of women, but also provide a leaner look.

Try the boot cut – Boot cut ones are like straight cut jeans except the fact that they are flared at the bottom. They are generally worn with boots and thus, this is why they are called boot cut jeans. These are a favourite of tall women as they take the attention from the length and thus, it brings balance to the lower body.

Go for medium wash – Although most jeans are dyed blue and blue is a popular colour for jeans, it is recommended that tall women should go for medium wash blue jeans rather than the normal blue ones. This is because medium wash blue gives a more proportional look overall and thus; tall women should go for medium wash jeans instead.

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How To Choose The Right Pair Of Silver Jeans

Jeans are one of the most important items in any woman’s closet. It is so essential that they can solely make or break the look of an entire ensemble. Thus, it is extremely important for you to have a good pair of silver jeans that can help you carry any look that you want. So, now that it has been discussed that they are an essential item to have, even more important is to choose the right kind for yourself. Silver jeans come in a variety of styles. So, it is very important to get the style correct.

Here are some of the styles that you can choose from:

Boot cut – Boot cut jeans are ones that have a straight cut but become wide at the bottom so as to accommodate a pair of boots. The straight cut finely compliments the leg and the figure, while the bottom part is widened in order to provide the space to don on a pair of boots. So, if you are a person who loves wearing boots, then boot cut jeans are perfect for you.

Flare jeans – These are similar to the boot cut with the only difference being the bottom. The bottom part of flare jeans is wider than that of boot cut. This is to give it a flare look as it looks very unique and when paired with the correct top and accessories, proves to be a great fashion piece. So, if you wish to make a style statement at a party, then you must get yourself this.

Skinny – Skinny jeans are one of the most popular types and are a favourite of teens and young adults. These are skin fit and become tighter as they move towards the ankle. This gives the leg and the torso a slim look. These jeans when paired with the right top, give an extremely chic and classy look. So, if that is what you are aiming for, then you must get a pair for yourself.

Capris – Capris are something of a mix between jeans and shorts. They are till the middle calf and are longer than shorts but shorter than a pair of jeans. They give off more of a casual and sporty look. So, if that is what you want, then you must get yourself a pair of capris.

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How To Select A Hat For Women

Hats are considered as one of the essentials things that help to give a classic look to an appearance. There are various types of hats available in the market for different purposes. Though slouchy berets and winter caps surely attract the attention of many people, but a vintage hat not only attracts attention but also compliments.

Many people think that they look horrible when wearing a vintage hat. This concept is absolutely wrong. If you wear a hat, it will not only make you feel great but also boost your confidence. It is also a fact that if you wear a hat, you must be courageous. As they are considered to be endangered, so attention will surely be given to you.

You should not consider what people think about your look. Rather, give them a chance to enhance your appearance and confidence. You need not waste much money. Just get a stylish one that you can wear confidently. This review will help you to choose a proper one for yourself.

Things to consider –

Your Personal Style

There are some types of hats that suit best for different kinds of personality. Bohemian hats are slouchy berets, wide brim fedoras, floppy wide brims and large fur hats. Preppy are wide brim hats like fedoras, berets, cloths and boaters. Tomboy hats are ball caps, beanies and fedoras.

Your Hairstyle

The hairstyle is one of the important factors to consider while selecting. If you have long Bohemian hair, bowlers, fedoras and floppy will suit you the best. Cloches, boater, bowlers and fedoras go with shoulder-length hairs. Floppy wide brims, bretons, cloches and rolled brims are perfect for pixie cuts and bobs.

Your Face Shape

Angular, wide brims and cloches are best suited for round shaped face. Picture hats, rounded style and wide brim hats are best for triangular and heart shaped face. For a square face, go for fedora and boater.

Tips and Tricks

Buying a right sized one is very important to boost confidence within yourself. Select a hat that can fit you perfectly.
Wearing your hair is another important factor that will decide how you can carry a hat. Buy with consideration for your hair style.
Use a pin whenever you need a compact look. A pin helps a hat to fit properly.
Wear a simple outfit with a bolder hat to look chic and stylish.

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Four Ways Of Choosing The Right Hat

Hats add grace to the appearance of a person. Some people think that hats do not suit them but little do they know that a person wearing one looks not only stylish but also confident.

So, forget about all the excuses of not wearing one. This review will help you understand how to become stylish every time by wearing hats with the help of some tips.

Anatomy of a hat

You should know the terminology of hat when buying one for yourself. After knowing the terms and their importance you will get to know all the details.

Here is a list of few terms related to hats given as follows –

Sweatband bow
Liner tip
Face shape

Shape of the face

It is the most important factor when buying a hat. The style is determined by the shape of your face. Different types of hats are meant for different face shapes. Here is a list of some common face shapes, so that you can buy the right one.

Top Heavy Face

Top heavy faced are those who have wider head and narrow jaw. A hat is needed for balancing the shape.

Key Attributes

Medium brim width
Avoid high crowns
Medium to short crown

High crown should be avoided if you have top heavy face. Go for boater or fedora to give a perfect balance to your face.

Long, Thin Face

A long and thin face naturally helps you look slim. You don’t need hats to make your face look longer and shorter.

Key Attributes

Wider band and brim
Avoid squared off crowns
Shorter crown

You can easily buy hats, if you have long and thin face. Buy a hat with short brim and short crown.

Square Face

Square is a common face shape. You need a hat that can add curve to your face.

Key Attributes

Wide brim with rolled edges
Rounder crown
Medium height

Go for a hat with rounder crown to make your face look less boxy. Buy bowler hat, fedora or hat with wider brim to balance your face shape.

Oval Shape

Oval is the best face shape for wearing a hat.

Key Attributes

Medium width brim
Medium crown

Buy a hat with medium crown and brim to maintain the balance of the face.

Thus, follow the above-mentioned tips to ensure that you pick the right hat for yourself. Visit us!

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