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Spring And Summer Jeans To Wear In 2017

Choosing the right outfit to wear may be a nightmarish task. Luckily, you can never go wrong with jeans. They come in all sort of sizes and shapes and they can be quickly adapted to any style. Jeans can be worn any time, including in the hot spring and summer months. Fashion stylists and designers have already prepared us with tons of suggestions on what jeans to wear and how to wear them. Just read the following tips.

Denim is still the best fabric for jeans and its durability and versatility leaves room for imagining plenty of wild projects. Denim white, grey and neutral jeans are the first choice for these hot days.

For cool spring mornings, a pair of distressed skinny jeans, matched with a cozy tee or jacket and some boots is all that takes to steal the looks of passerby. Ankle cropped jeans are both provocative and rebel and require a similar matching top outfit. So be careful to what you pair them up.

All laced up jeans, like the ones recently promoted and worn by Kendal Jenner, are making a sensational comeback. High-waisted laced up jeans, worn with a leather jack and a band t-shirt are a new trend. Visit us!

On opposition to skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans also have their special place on the stage. Boyfriend slouchy and relaxed fit jeans will look nice with a long coat and a pair of high-heels. However, boyfriend jeans can also be worn a big baggier, after all, they were conceived to look like jeans girl steal from their boyfriends. They will give the wearer a fresh and relaxed look, even a hip one when matched with colorful accessories. Cuffed jeans and those with cut off hems are a bit edgier, but they are perfect if you want to display your shoes. More and more designers promote uneven hem cuts.

Bad-boy motorcycle denim style enhances wearer’s masculine prowess. Studded motorcycle styles, accessorized with some chains and a leather cap is a new trend, easily spotted on the streets of LA. Slim-to-straight style is definitely the one which should be worn this summer. There’s no need to torture your legs if you have regular size legs. Vintage denim style and light, unwashed denim jeans are the next must have clothes on the shopping list. Careful when you select and match ripped denim jeans. Sometimes it’s OK, sometimes will just be obnoxiously kitschy.

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Jeans – The Best Pair of Bottoms

Denim is undoubtedly better than any other bottom wear in the world. Jeans are considered as the most comfortable pants for any season. One can be dependent on them in a pinch. It is possible to create a thousand various looks with a single pair of them.

Over the years, denim has become a hot favourite for both guys and girls. They have set their own standard of comfort and style without making any effort. They have left behind all the other kinds of pants in the race and have taken the front seat in people’s wardrobes.

Here is a list of reasons why choosing jeans over any other pair of bottoms is better.

  • Because the options are endless – The days of boot cut and wide leg have gone by. Nowadays, everyone has an interesting array of styles to shop for. Jeans can be the best fit for any particular event. Skinny, bell bottoms, high-waist and boyfriend are some of the wide ranges of options available.
  • Because they last longer than other pants – They are undoubtedly the most long lasting pants. You need not wash them regularly after wearing. It is known that more the wash, more the bottoms are likely to tear. So, it is an absolutely insane thought to wash them after every use.
  • Because they have versatility – As mentioned earlier, there is no hazard of regular wash in case of jeans. You can have many chances of rocking at the office with sleek and dark denim. You can wear other statement accessories in order to divert the attention from the fact that you are wearing the most comfortable bottoms even at the office.
  • Because your butt has never looked better – The first thing everybody does after putting on jeans is to turn back to the mirror to immediately see how the butt looks. There is no other way to make your butt look fabulous than a pair of jeans.
  • Because they are super easy to style – If you cannot style with another pair of bottoms, then jeans are an obvious choice. Specific pieces of clothes are needed by all the other bottoms to match them for looking normal. You can wear any top with them as there are no rules to be followed.
  • Because they feel worth the investment – They are the most worthy pair of lower garments to be invested in. Because of its longevity and wide options of style, you can feel that you have made the right choice to invest your valuable money in.

Thus, choose your pair of jeans today to not only make yourself stylish but to be comfortable too. Visit us!

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Six Tips To Buy The Perfect Fit Denim

Denim is an amazing fabric which everyone likely owns nowadays. It is versatile, tough, and durable and is easy to work with. It is moreover fashionable and comfortable.

Jeans or denim plays a huge part in today’s world of fashion. It can be said that it is a staple garment which everyone owns. In earlier days, it was worn by workers due to its sturdiness and its tough texture. But later, it turned out to become a fashion that everyone loved. It can be a bit difficult selecting the right denim with proper fitting and colour.

So, here are a few tips which will help you to choose the right denim.

Always remember to try the denim before you buy them

It is not necessary that any denim which looks good on a mannequin should look good on you too. As soon as you button up the jeans, you must feel the fabric frame you perfectly and most of all you must be comfortable. Once you have selected the right one for yourself, you can go and make the purchase.

Differentiate the various types of jeans available

There are various types of jeans available like boot-cut, trousers, Capris, skinny and so on. Boot-cuts are slightly flared ones and they go best with high heels or stilettos. Trousers will make your legs appear lengthier by flattering on petite figures. They look good on wedges. Capris are the ones which fall just above the knee and are usually worn with shoes. Skinny are the ones which fit down from your waist and they are worn with pumps and knee boots.

They are investment, so buy the best one

Jeans are usually termed as a long-term investment, meaning they can be worn for a long time. So do not worry if you have to shell out some extra cash for the perfect fit. They can be worn for years without any discomfort.

Low-waist jeans – Yes or No?

Low-waist jeans are suggested to look better on ladies who are thin and lack curves. These types of jeans make them look curvier. So unless and until you lack curves, it is suggested that you do not go for low-waist jeans.

High-waist jeans

These jeans are back in fashion. They make your legs look longer but are not petite-friendly. They are usually worn with tucked in shirt, long T-shirt or a draped top. If you are in a dilemma between low-waist and high-waist jeans, it is better you go for mid-rise ones, which offer you the best of both.

Be careful while buying coloured ones

The basic denim colours like blue, black and white are trust-worthy. But colours such as brown, purple, green etc. can come in costume and sometimes be dated. Therefore, while buying coloured denim, be careful. Do not be flattered just because it is available in the store.

Keeping these six tips in mind can surely help you when you go out to purchase denim the next time around. Visit us!

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Best Tips When Shopping For Good Quality Jeans

Good jeans are one of the most important pieces in your wardrobe mainly because you can wear them to almost any occasion. Therefore, you should know how to choose a pair that fits well and will last long. The first step is knowing which type you want to buy. Jeans have different designs and buying the wrong design can make you uncomfortable.

The next step is knowing the various brands available. Each brand has a style they are identified with. You need to know which brand has the best straight or slim or relaxed jeans and which has good standard jeans. This makes work easier when you go out buying. If you need straight jeans, instead of fitting them all you simply pick the brand name you know makes good straight ones. To know the right brands you can consult with your friends, read reviews and do not forget to ask your favorite store for tips.

Most people buy good jeans but buy the wrong style for their body shape hence end up looking funny or feeling awkward in otherwise good jeans. Identify your body shape first then research what style fits your body shape. Men should opt for straight leg cut jeans and stay away from tapered leg jeans. Women however have more to choose from as they have different body shapes. If you have large hips avoid tapered leg openings and if you are slim go for classic cut with small leg openings. If in doubt ask the closest sales person to help you.

Although jeans are worn to most occasions, the style and color determines where you wear them. Choose dark denim for the office and evening cocktail events. When going for a party during the day you can wear light colors with bold designs. Slightly faded jeans look great for a sporting event. Dark blue or black denim when paired with a men’s blazer or a fitting coat for women is a great outfit for a casual weekend.

When shopping, the cost is a fair sign of the quality that you can expect to get. In most cases, good quality brands will cost more than regular jeans. However, you can get high quality brands at discount prices if you shop online from their official website or at thrift shops. Visit us!

At physical shops, make sure you get to fit them before buying if the store allows that to avoid going home with an ill-fitting pair. Keep your proof of purchase if you find the need to return the jeans and get another size.

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Five Tips To Dress-Up Without Wasting Time!

This is what happens with me all the time:

I stand in front of my wardrobe and toss all the clothes to find that ‘perfect’ outfit for myself, even if I have to go to the market to fetch groceries; who knows, you might meet someone when you are at the mart?

If this is the problem with you – I am here to give you the most perfect solution – a list of five tips that would help you save time. Read below to know about them:

  1. Divide your clothes – It is quite obvious that you can’t wear the evening gowns when you go for grocery shopping; also, you can’t wear ordinary jeans when you are meeting your date for a nice and expensive candlelight dinner. Thus, the best thing to do is divide all the clothes.
  2. Name each section – Once all the clothes are divided, name every section. Something like ‘bottoms’, ‘casuals’, ‘office-wear’, ‘blazers’, etc. should be fine. You may have to remember which cloth has been placed in which section, but the next time you go out for something, you know what to wear. For an instance, if you are going out for a movie with your girl-gang or BFFs, you can sneak into the ‘casuals’ section and pick whatever you want to wear.
  3. Pin jewelries to the labels of the garments – Rather than wasting time on finding accessories on the outfit that you wear, it is better to pin the earrings and necklaces on the labels at the neck of the dress. Be careful when you do this – do not harm the outfit in any way!
  4. Keep yourself prepared in advance – Unless you’ve been surprised by your boyfriend or a plan has suddenly been made, you can always keep your outfit and accessories ready a day prior. If you are a working woman, keep your clothes ready every night, so that you don’t search for them the next morning. If you reach in time every day, you are bound to get promoted!
  5. Make a separate section for jeans – Even if you have only four jeans, you must make a separate section for them. In case a plan has been made all of a sudden, grab the best jeans from the wardrobe and wear it below a nice and sexy t-shirt. Even if you go on a date, a nice tanker top on slim-fit or body hugging jeans would always look good.

In order to be punctual and for the sake of saving time, you need to focus on being more organized. Good luck!

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For Men: Six Reasons To Wear Designer Jeans

Are you planning to buy jeans for yourself? Are you someone who gives preference to the changing trends and styles in the market? Do you want to know why designer jeans are always better than the others?

Then you have surely got to read what I want to share with you – rather than buying local jeans, it is always better to buy the branded one. Why? Well, read below to find out about the top six reasons to wear designer men jeans:

  1. Such products are fashionable – Fashion is surely needed. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, if you want to look good, you have surely got to cope-up with the trends in the market. Different seasons bring different craze for clothes and designer bottoms always inspire you to meet these changes and satisfy your craving for such craze.
  2. Branded products make you look good – Who doesn’t wish to look good in today’s era? Appearance is something that matters a lot now; whether you want to go to a nearby store for shopping or attend an informal meeting in your company, such bottoms always make you look good.
  3. Branded bottoms are always comfortable – The best thing about branded and customized bottoms is that they are always much more comfortable than the ordinary ones. No matter where you go, you always feel good when you are in them. Since men have to run to a lot of places every day, they prefer jeans that are comfortable enough for traveling purposes.
  4. You don’t have to buy branded products again and again – If you have branded jeans, you don’t have to spend more money on buying different bottoms. The good thing about such bottoms is that they are high in quality, thanks to which you don’t have to invest a lot of money in buying more than one.
  5. You are offered with variety – It doesn’t matter if you want to buy black colored jeans or a white one, you get all the shades that you want. All you need to do is visit a good online or land based store and search for the features that you want, in the jeans that you want to buy. Visit us!
  6. Only a few have the product that you own – Not everybody can afford buying designer jeans; this means that if you buy such a bottom, you are one of the few. Since men always want to be different than the others in the crowd, they prefer such products.

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Why You Should Wear Men’s Designer Jeans

Men’s designer jeans will always make you stand out no matter the occasion. They work effortlessly in voicing your unique sense of style when it comes to fashion that separates you from other men. They are high class and are usually made of the best denim materials to ensure their longevity. Here are sure reasons why you should choose them regardless of the event.

They have a wide variety

Pants display variety so you can easily choose the ones that express your personality. You can find then in different elegant colors as well as designs that are best suited for men. The modern man does no have to stick to the conventional denim colors so why not experiment with new color choices. Apart from the traditional blue and black denim colors, you can find them in white red purple among other textures that are trending in the world of fashion.

They are a valuable investment

Renown designers offer pants that guarantee the value of your investment. Provided they are maintained well they can last for very long time and will still be in good condition. You can even sell them to another person when you have outgrown them. Also be sure you sample some of our best brands or label that is within your budget.

Gives you comfort

As the name designer suggests, they can be custom-made for you to fit you perfectly so you do not have to worry about them sagging all the time. These makes they highly comfortable and you can easily wear them to casual events such as parties, sports events and even weddings. There are those that are very fancy and usually come with stylish accessories as well as subtle chains and embroideries too. You can easily pair them with a simple shirt and a great looking pair of designer shoes.

Easy to pick a style

With jeans, you can never run out of stylish outfit options to choose from. Styles popular with most men include straight cut jeans, but cut jeans, loose fit jeans, skinny jeans, American made jeans for men, as well as relaxed cut jeans. Men however should avoid skinny jeans, as they do not flatter their muscular physique. Sample all the styles available and pick a style that flatters your physique in the best way possible. It is wise to take your dimensions first before shopping around for one. For a finished look, you can buy a designer belt to coordinate with your new pants.

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