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Common Styles For Jeans

One of the most common clothing on the planet, jeans, have gone through several major changes and now we have tens of styles available on the market. Easy to be customized and manufacture, jeans have become a symbol of youth and wild spirit. They can make you look bad-ass or hipster, as long as you know what style to wear and which accessories to use. Check out the following most common styles for jeans and how they are creates!

But first, let us start with the washing part. Depending on the type of wash, jeans will have a different tinting and will appeal to certain style. Washed denim are the raw denim jeans to which certain dyes were applied and stabilizing agents were removed. These jeans become soften and more comfortable to wear. The shrinkage effect is also reduce during washing. Most men prefer this type of fabric. Acid wash and dirty wash are the main two types of denim washing.

Dirty washed denim have dark-blue with yellow tinting, creating a distressed appearance. You can use them for a well-worn apparel. Stonewashed jeans have become more popular in the recent years and it is basically a key part for any casual looking collection. Although some manufacturers actually use stones to give this finish look, most of them rely on chemicals. Vintage wash is the most common way to create distressed jeans. And they fit best to a retro look.

And now, let’s talk about jeans styles.

  • Bootcut jeans appeals to fashionable guys. The slim cut fits closely with a slight flare towards the leg opening. This style is well appreciated because it balances the body really good.
  • Relaxed fit jeans are recommended for people with wider legs. The relaxed fit of the jeans will open around the tights and will provide some spacing from the waist to knee. The calf of the jeans can be modified to look wider towards the bottom or sit straight.
  • Slim-straight are designed for people with thinner body that still want the classic look. The tight region of the jeans is slimmed, but the calm is kept straight. There is no tapering or widening involved.
  • Skinny jeans have an exaggerated slim fit, extra thing around waist and calf. They are made to show that the person wearing it is really thin.
  • Depending on the distance from the middle of the crotch seam to the top of the waistband, we have low, medium and high-rise jeans.

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Tips for Finding the Perfect Fitting Black Jeans

With so many jeans available in the market, finding the perfect pair of jeans can prove challenging. What may initially start out as an exciting and euphoric experience can turn into a depressing outcome. However, armed with a few tips, you can be sure of finding a truly perfect fit you will be happy to wear for many years. It is advisable to factor in your body shape (i.e. boyish, pear shape, hourglass or petite) when shopping for a pair of jeans. The tips for choosing women’s black jeans include:

  • Boot-cut jeans

The boot-cut ones are often considered the original jeans. They are loved by all people, from cowboys to fashion conscious girls, for many decades now. Many jeans styles have appeared on the scene and fallen out with time, but the boot-cut has remained a classic. The boot-cut ones fit the thighs, but then flare slightly from the knees. A pocket detailing can help complement your look. Furthermore, a mid-rise boot-cut is often considered a flattering pair of jeans.

  • Skinny jeans

Black skinny jeans offer a wardrobe staple and are a favorite for many fashion conscious women. Not only do they make a woman look smart and attractive, they go a long way in making a woman look fashionable. They look great when they are worn with heels and boots, making them a versatile shape. They also remain tight from the legs down to the ankles. Women who are interested in a super skinny fit may consider a pair of black jeans with ankle zips.

  • Straight jeans

Straight ones have a way of making the legs look much longer, with black straight jeans offering a wonderful androgynous appeal. They make the wearer look attractive, without overdoing it, and can be worn casually. Skinny jeans offer the perfect compromise between boot cuts and skinny jeans. Therefore, if you are bored about boot-cuts or shy about wearing skinny ones, straight ones can work just fine. The straight jeans feature straight legs from the hips to the ankles. The straight cut tends to skim the legs, slimming the thighs and calves. If you are interested in wearing heels, choose a longer length.

  • Flared jeans

Flare ones have been dominating the catwalks in recent times. They are very flattering and easy to wear. A flared pair is usually tight around the thighs, but then widens from the knees to the foot. On the other hand, a kick flare features jeans that flare-out from the ankles rather than the knees. Flared jeans can be worn with towering wedges and a chiffon blouse to give the 70’s vibe.

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The Most Comfortable Bottomwear For Everyone

Ever wondered what is the most essential piece of clothing in your wardrobe? The one without which you would not be comfortable to explore different fashion styles? Yes! The answer is common for both guys and girls across all groups. The denim, commonly referred to as jeans, is the most comfortable pair of pants you would ever find in your closet. You can team it up with any shirt, top to create new fashion statements. Looking at how comfortable they are to wear, many of the offices have adopted wearing jeans to office on Fridays.

Here are five reasons as to why jeans are better than any other types of pants.

• Jeans are available in different cuts and styles. Be it boyfriend jeans or bell bottom jeans, you can choose from a wide range of patterns to suit your style statement. Moreover, being choosy for your kind of jeans is alright, as it would suit all occasions.

• Jeans have longer durability. In fact, the more you wash it, the more wear and tear you create for your pair of jeans. Denim lovers rarely wash them, in order to keep the cuts and shape intact.

• A pair of good jeans, with proper cuts and fits, camouflages your butt making it look even sexier. The first thing which most girls do to check whether the denim is looking good on them or not is to check their butt on the mirror. Thus, by having a good pair of jeans, you can flaunt your butt, which is not possible while wearing any other stretchy pants.

• Think about the amount to time you have to waste to think what would go best with other pants. This problem can be avoided by just wearing a good, comfortable pair of jeans. A range of style statements can be created with a simple pair of jeans that suits you well.

• Though jeans may seem to be huge amount of investment to you at the beginning, but you can vouch for it on any occasions be it a party or in the office. The weight of the jeans would convince you to buy it at once. Also denims starting from all ranges are available in the market. All you need to do is pick up the right one for yourself. Visit our website!

Thus, when in a doubt about how to dress up for an occasion, say whether to be formal or informal, a pair of branded jeans can ease out all your problems.

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Buying the Perfect Fit Jeans for Women of All Shape and Size

Jeans is probably the greatest fashion wear to have been ever designed. They were first designed for those who worked in factories, mines, and construction business, as they are tough and do not tear off easily. However, today it has become a must have clothing in every wardrobe, be it for a man or woman.

It is really surprising how women get confused and cannot pick the right ones to match their style and body shape. If you are one of them, then read on and clear your doubts.

Different Kind of Jeans Cut, Washes, Rise and Styles

Jeans come in different cuts and styles available for you to choose from. You just need to find the ones that suit your personality and body type the most, before making a purchase. Some of the most popular stud jeans cuts, washes, rise, and styles available in the market are as follows:

> Petit jeans: This denim is made for short legged women with a petite figure. Now you do not have to cut them anymore to fit you.
Skinny jeans: It is figure hugging, and it tightly raps around your legs, allowing you to flaunt your skinny long legs.
Acid wash jeans: This jean have blotches, and gives a retro look. Looks amazing when styled with bright casual tops or shirts.
Wide leg jeans: This will give you a retro look of the 70’s. However, you will have to ensure that the ‘wide-leg’ compliments your height and body scale.
Boyfriend jeans: This denim cut looks best on women with curvy body. However, if you prefer feminine touch, then look for a boyfriend jean, with a sleek silhouette around the legs and the thighs. It looks best when paired with V-necked tee-shirts.
Ripped jeans: These jeans have always been in style. It gives a cool edge to your overall appearance. However, it makes you look shorter, and widens your body frame, so if you are self conscious body shape, then it is suggested that you avoid wearing horizontal ripped one, and instead go for vertically ripped denims.
Denim leggings: More popularly known as ‘jegging’, this denim legging is comfortable to wear. It can be teamed with casual tee or a shirt.

What Color Jeans You Must Have?

Navy blue and black jeans for women are a must have, as they are neutral colors and can easily be worn with anything for any occasion.

You can wear jeans of any cut and style, but make sure that you match them with the right accessories, shoes or stilettos. The so called perfect look is your style and how you wear it. As it is rightly said, fashion is comfort, and not following other people blindly.

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Top Summer Dressing Sense Ideas for the Ladies

Summer is an exquisite time of the year when scorching heat and fashion move simultaneously. It’s a season of vacations, parties, weddings, barbeques and balls which immensely gift you opportunities to dress up and have fun. When the days are full of light, bright colored and dazzling get ups are in line with vacation spirit. The article is about the top fashion elements of summer.

Keeping cool must be the prime motto

Keeping cool must be the prime motto of any fashion outfit in summer. Therefore, sticking to loose fitting natural fabrics in lighter shades is highly recommendable in this season. A little bit thicker clothing will look flattering but it may steal the comfort and may annoy you in times during daytime.

Women’s t-shirt

Women’s t-shirt is a generic option that suits every mood in summers. T-shirts are something that can be put on long skirts or lose trousers. It’s the best option to enhance fashion as well as displays your body shape perfectly and makes you look fashionable.

Tunic tops

Tunic top with a neutral trouser is a best choice when you toggle in a cool breezing evening. Hats designed for women adds style and peps up the fashion spirit, no matter the season. When the sun is at its top degree aggression a wide brimmed hat can be a life saving modern item.


Oversized clutches and armful of bangles look mind blowing in summers. Ornamenting your summer outfit with bold and large accessories is good idea to look stunning.


Lose fitting camisoles make you look quite trendy and sporty in summers. It’s one of the eminent summer dressing elements loved across the globe. You can put it on under a coat while you are at workplace, can be put with lose trousers when you are home and this combination can be the best if you are on a night out.

Light shrug or bolero

A light bolero or shrug can boost the charisma of your dressing. The best part is that with keeping you trendy the shrug or the bolero can keep you warm in the cool breezy summer nights. This is the perfect match for your top and mini during the fall wintertime when you have chilly nights and evenings. Moreover, you can find a black or white color shrug, which goes well with a number of dresses of any color.

Pamper yourself with enormous options and stun others with your style statement.

I hope the ideas will help you in choosing good and fashionable black jeans and dressing for summer and help keep you less confused. You can click on to get educated more on summer clothing that will preserve your beauty and keep you cool in scorching summer.

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Style Yourself in Black Jeans – Tips To Mix and Match Them With Other Fashion Items

When you go for jeans shopping, it is usually the shades of blue that cross your mind. However, it is now time to ink your wardrobe with black jeans in different cuts, rise and style. Most women prefer it, as it can be worn anywhere and everywhere along with formal or casual tops.

Black Jean Gives Slimming Effect

The color black conceals your overly curvy figure. It allows you to cover your body flaws, and making you look in shape and comfortable. One of the best parts about women’s black jeans is that you will not have to worry about the cut, rise, style and design. You can wear what your heart desires, without worrying about anything.

Today, these are available in all cuts and styles, giving each and every woman a wide collection of choices to pick from. Bold black jeans will make you look elegant and boost your confidence at the same time. You can pair it with formal or casual top, as per your taste.

Tips to Mix and Match Black Jeans with Other Items in Your Wardrobe

It is really important to know, what would look good with your jeans, and how you can easily mix and match it with other clothes in your wardrobe. Most of you will be surprised to know that black jeans can be worn on all occasions, be it for office, casual meet, parties or any other event.

When you are wearing these jeans for a day out with your friends, you can choose to wear boyfriend’s jeans, skinny or boot cut. These are comfortable to wear, while hanging out with friends or during any of your errands. You can add a simple sweatshirt or cardigan over graphic t-shirt.

For a night-out, flared up jeans, skinny or boot jeans are highly preferred, as they give a chic look. You can wear bright or neutral colored flirty top, as per your style. With this, you can also wear beaded jewelry, and team it up with a smart leather jacket. It will make you feel cozy even in the cold chilly nights.

For business meetings or office, you can team the black jeans with a silk blouse. Wear matching blazer and a smart watch or bracelet, as per your preference. Slim fit boot cut black denim is highly recommended while attending official meetings or functions. You can easily blend with people wearing formal attires, and not feel out of place.

Why stick only with the shades of blue, when black jeans can be worn more often for every occasion, be it official or personal.

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