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How To Select A Hat For Women

Hats are considered as one of the essentials things that help to give a classic look to an appearance. There are various types of hats available in the market for different purposes. Though slouchy berets and winter caps surely attract the attention of many people, but a vintage hat not only attracts attention but also compliments.

Many people think that they look horrible when wearing a vintage hat. This concept is absolutely wrong. If you wear a hat, it will not only make you feel great but also boost your confidence. It is also a fact that if you wear a hat, you must be courageous. As they are considered to be endangered, so attention will surely be given to you.

You should not consider what people think about your look. Rather, give them a chance to enhance your appearance and confidence. You need not waste much money. Just get a stylish one that you can wear confidently. This review will help you to choose a proper one for yourself.

Things to consider –

Your Personal Style

There are some types of hats that suit best for different kinds of personality. Bohemian hats are slouchy berets, wide brim fedoras, floppy wide brims and large fur hats. Preppy are wide brim hats like fedoras, berets, cloths and boaters. Tomboy hats are ball caps, beanies and fedoras.

Your Hairstyle

The hairstyle is one of the important factors to consider while selecting. If you have long Bohemian hair, bowlers, fedoras and floppy will suit you the best. Cloches, boater, bowlers and fedoras go with shoulder-length hairs. Floppy wide brims, bretons, cloches and rolled brims are perfect for pixie cuts and bobs.

Your Face Shape

Angular, wide brims and cloches are best suited for round shaped face. Picture hats, rounded style and wide brim hats are best for triangular and heart shaped face. For a square face, go for fedora and boater.

Tips and Tricks

Buying a right sized one is very important to boost confidence within yourself. Select a hat that can fit you perfectly.
Wearing your hair is another important factor that will decide how you can carry a hat. Buy with consideration for your hair style.
Use a pin whenever you need a compact look. A pin helps a hat to fit properly.
Wear a simple outfit with a bolder hat to look chic and stylish.

Follow these tips so that you can buy a perfect hat for yourself and look stylish. Visit us!

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Important Tips When Shopping For Women’s Designer Hats

A hat can change your look instantly, and it can be the best accessory to put your outfit together. There are many different types of hats, and every woman can find one to complement her looks. Whether you are looking for a hat for a special occasion or you simply want to add to your hat collection, knowing how to choose the best one is important. Before you pick up the first hat that you like, you have to determine if it is the best one for you.

Consider your face shape

When shopping for a hat, it is very important to think about the shape of your face. The designer hats for women come in different styles to suit different face shapes. A hat that looks lovely on one person will not necessarily look good on the next one because of the face shape. If you have an oval- shaped face, you are lucky because most styles can suit you. You need to remember that the first thing that people notice about you is your face and knowing your face shape will help you to choose the best style.

Your personal style

Just because something is trendy does not necessarily mean that you will love it. When choosing a hat, you should think about your personal style and the image that you want to portray. Feeling confident will give off a great impression, and you can only feel confident when wearing a hat that you love. A hat that will complement your personal style will make you look and feel cool and trendy. The wrong style will make you feel uncomfortable or as if you are trying to hide something.

Getting value for money

Buying a good designer hat is a good investment because you can be sure that you are getting quality. To get value for your money, you should consider choosing a hat in a simple and timeless style. This will mean that you can wear the hat for years without looking out of style. Choosing versatile colors will give you an accessory that you can wear with different outfits but remember that just like with your face shape, there are colors that will suit you better than others.

Selecting the right hat is essential for pulling off the perfect look. A hat in a neutral color and with fewer frills will be more versatile, and you can wear it with different outfits. If you have a hat collection, you can choose items to suit any occasion or event. Visit us!

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8 Most Popular Styles of Winter Hats

Winters in the North American and North Asian countries can be rather unforgiving and extremely harsh. On most of the winter days, it’s just blowing or snowing. But the natives are prepared for a blizzard. For all kinds of snowfall, winter condition, social events and temperatures, there is a hat that can come handy. Most of these winter hats are designed to fulfill the purpose and functionality of the hat. Let’s look at the various styles and you can pick what fits you best:

  1. Canvas Wildfowl Cap: When it comes to wildfowl caps, Canvas is the best! Canvas can be really durable and this is what makes it the perfect hat to go to work with. It’s washable and so you will not mind it getting dirty when you need to get your outdoor chores done. It’s more of an informal cap and not suitable for a night out.
  2. Toque/Chook: This style is better known as a beanie. This is the most common of winter hats and is available in many varieties. They are available in a wide range of colors, fits, fabrics, and prints. They are durable, warm, and can be used in nearly all situations and scenarios.
  3. Hunter’s Orange Knit Hat: This is basically a beanie but it’s the color alone that sets it apart from the rest. This hat has a life saving functionality. When this hat is worn in the woods, you become visible from almost 17 miles away and this will make sure you are not seen as a target! Life-saving indeed! A must-have for hunters and explorers.
  4. Ski Hat: Yet again, the good old knit hat has the best functions of a beanie. But this comes with some additional features which make it perfect to wear when skiing. It has braided strings in the end which can help with measuring how fast you are skiing, two optional extra strings that you can tie to your noggin and well designed ear coverings to prevent frostbite.
  5. Wool Packer: There are a number of packer hats, but the only packer hat you can wear in the winter is a woolen packer hat. This hat is usually woven with beautiful designs and can protect you from snow and pouring sleet. This kind of hat is perfect for formal occasions like going to the church.
  6. Cossack: The Cossack is by far the best choice for formal occasions during the peak of winter when you need the most warmth. It’s classy and can be just as warm as bomber hats. It gives the wearer a dignified and honorable look and has its sources in the southern areas of Russia.
  7. Bomber Hat: There can’t be a better hat for the -20 weather conditions. The bomber hat is a must wear when there is prolonged exposure to harsh winter winds and blizzards.
  8. Stormy Kromer: This is a very popular hat amongst the locales of Northern peninsula and had made its appearance in the year 1903. The ear flaps are huge and will protect your ears the best!

Pick your winter hat based on how severe the cold in your region is and do make sure you wear it with style and panache by accentuating the look with a smart muffler. Visit us!

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Make A Statement With Ladies Designer Hats

Ladies designer hats are a feminine accessory that every woman should wear, because there are hats ideal for every season. Summer grants a woman the ideal opportunity to celebrate life by accessorizing her pretty dress and jewelry with a designer hat. Choose to be bold enough to rock a big hat most of the time, since a small tight hat can give you a headache. Although many of the designer hats are adjustable, it is advisable to get your head measured in order to help you get a hat that fits right. Designer hats come handy for women with heads that are either bigger or smaller than average.


Church hats can be eye-catching, helping you look more feminine. These glamorous hats often have dramatic accents, such as striking feathers, gossamer ribbons and oversized floral. They are therefore a perfect fit for a special event. Floppy hats with ribbon details or romantic floral are ideal for a more formal event. Sporty hats can be worn to high-mileage runs, tennis matches and other outdoor events. A baseball-style or a standard visor hat with moisture-wicking technology and breathable mesh can help keep the heat away, thus improving your game.

Mix & match

A good hat can help express your bold personality. In addition, it allows other people to see you in a completely different light. The secret to wearing your hat right is in knowing how to mix and match. Therefore, if you are planning to wear a white dress, do not match it with a pure white hat. It is advisable to introduce a bit of color in the hat, like silver grey or black & red, but make sure to have your shoes and bag in that third color. Several colors match well, including pink & blue, coral & aqua, purple & black, pink & silver grey, grey & cream, and coral & aqua.


They are many reasons why ladies wear hats, including being in tune with fashion, to look glamorous, to hide hair, to avoid chance meeting, when avoiding to wear sun block, or to add a few inches. It is important to have your reasons ready so that you can choose designer hats for women that offer the best results. Therefore, if you regret about the dye on your hair or the bad haircut, a beanie can help hide your hair. If you want to avoid meeting someone, a wide-brimmed hat that is slanted down can be of help.

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How To Choose The Right Women’s Hat For Any Occasion

The right women’s hat can make or break an outfit especially at a wedding or at a charity dinner. Knowing how to get it right is an essential skill for any woman. Many women unfortunately spend little time when shopping for one as compared to how they would a dress. They end up with something simple that does nothing for the outfit or spoils it altogether. A hat should fit both the functionality and fashion of the occasion; one without the other ruins the look.

When shopping you need to consider the venue of the occasion; whether it will be indoor or outdoor, and the weather as well. When attending an outdoor wedding on a hot summer day, a wide-brimmed hat that covers your face from the sunlight is perfect. It should be made from light material such as woven straw or twill to keep you from sweating and feeling uncomfortable. If the occasion is indoors, go for one made from a light material but not too wide.

On a cold windy day, get something firm that will not fall off your head after every gust of wind. Winter and cold nights require hats made from fur or faux fur and with a lining to keep you warm. If you can find a fashionable hat that keeps your ears covered, buy it as it will keep you warm.

Do not forget to get a color that matches your complexion. Wearing a red hat on a hot day if you have pale skin will make you look red and blushed. Go for neutrals such as dove grey, brown but slightly brighter colors if you are above 40 years. Remember the color should complement your outfit as well. Avoid matching everything but looks for colors not so similar but those that go well together.

Buying a designer hat earns you more points in the class and style category. These are unique and have great designs you would not find with a common hat. These are perfect for high-end occasion where you want people recognizing what you have worn. Visit us!

Finally, the most important tip is to get hats that suit your head shape. No matter how costly, fashionable or high-end the hat is, it will mean nothing if it does not fit well. Take a day, and go to a hat shop, and try every style available. Identify the shapes that make you look good and shop along those lines. Wearing the right hat at the right event is a true fashion statement your friends will not forget.

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Best Things For Women Worth Owning For The Spring

Most girls love their clothes and shoes, but along with the essentials, there is always the need for the right accessories to get the look right. Talking of spring, let’s all of us agree to the fact that this is by far the best season of the year with regards to fashion experiments, and there’s a lot that you can do. In fact, you might just want to create a space for new essential style items for the freshest season of the year. If you love spring and want to make the most of everyday casual looks, here are some of the best and happening things that are worth your money.

A cool collection of hats

Hats are perfectly in sync with the sunny days of the spring and work as a style accessory for any look. While shopping, you need to check for patent leather hats and also own one of those wide-rim hats that work wonders for sun protection. Most of the good online stores for fashion goods have ladies designer hats priced rightly, and you can get great stuff at the lowest prices possible. Apart from leather hats, you can also consider suede, which has been among the trending materials on runways in 2015.

A fun moto-jacket

The moto or biker jacket is among the few ideal accessories that work entirely for the spring layering needs. Pair your regular pair of skinny denims with a cropped top and complete the look with a nice leather jacket that instantly adds a fashion update. If you can invest, make time to shop for a perfect black leather design, which should last for years without any miss, and you can be assured that this item is not going anywhere from the runways and beyond.

A stunning pair of cargo

The cargo design for the summer and spring is complete love at first sight, and for those who are bored of the skinny denim, this can well be their new favorite for every weekday. Pair you regular cargo with a nice tucked-in shirt, or you can even choose to add a cropped top for showing the perfect curves. Cargo pants for summers look best in conventional colors like Khaki, and you will find many shades in the same palette. For the feet, add a nice pair of high heeled pumps, preferably in black or any other bold color for the maximum attention.

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6 Cool Tips For Wearing A Hat That Flatters Your Face Shape

It can be daunting to finding that perfect hat that is ideal for both your head as well as face shape. There are some women who tend to believe that their head shape does not allow them to wear caps at all, which is not true. Caps, especially ladies designer hats are fun and effortlessly add unique glam to any outfit. Placed below are tips for you to choose the best cap to suit your personal style. Nonetheless, always select a head size that fits properly so the heart can rest perfectly on your head if at all you are to look fabulous.

· The triangle face

If you have a triangular shape you can wear almost all hat styles and look incredibly gorgeous. The triangular face features a large forehead with a pointy chin and wide cheekbones. You can try out various styles, but stay clear of those with crowns and are narrower compared to your cheekbones. Practically any hat style will work for this face shape.

· The square face

This kind of shape features a broad forehead, forehead as well as chin. If you have a square face shape, hats that have a larger brim will do the trick for you also slightly tilting the hat balances of your broad chin. Some of the best styles to the square shape are fedoras with a wide brim, round brims together with slouch brims that have the ability to balance the face.

· The round face

This shape is full, round and does not have any angles or points. The recommended hats for this face shape are big hats. Asymmetrical shapes or wide brimmed hats or those you can wear with a slight tilt have the potential of highlighting your facial features.

· The long face

The long face can be compared to a long oval. It’s known for its sleek, elongated shape without points. The worst enemies for this face shape are deep crowns that exaggerate the face line, instead try out hats with wide brims. Go for hats that fit properly.

· Heart shaped face

Any heart style can work for this face shape. Featuring a wide cheek bones you must be careful as to choose a hat with narrower crowns as compared to your cheekbones. Some of the worst styles for you are fedoras together with tribly styles. Recommended styles are berets, boaters, sailors, turbans cloches as well a picture hat.

· The oval shape

Hats that have larger brims are most appropriate for this face shape, but you can try out different hat styles and still look fantastic but ensure that they are proportionate to your height. Tilt your hat slightly to the eyebrow right across the hair or brow line.

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