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How To Wear Colored Jeans?

Color jeans are in the latest trend nowadays. They not only make you look trendy, but stylish too. Make sure to look always chic by knowing different ways of wearing colored jeans in style. Initially, you may face difficulties. But once you know the correct ways of wearing them, you can get to know about their versatility.

The following tips will help you know how to wear them.

Color Blocked

The color blocking is one of the latest trends in the style market. Add a little pastel into your outfit to look stylish. You can either go for pastel combination or wear a bright colored top with pastel jeans. Wear neutral accessories with your outfit to give a fresh touch to your look.

Sport Inspired

It is in latest fashion to wear sport inspired outfits. You can give your look an athletic style by pairing your colored jeans with slouchy tees, baseball caps, varsity jackets or high-top sneakers.

Toughened Up

There are some people who want to work on their grunge aesthetic or alternative look. Colored jeans can be paired with distressed detailing, studding and lots of leather to get such stylish look. You can team burgundy or red jackets with them. Wear ankle boots to add a killer touch to your appearance.

Dressed Down

Dress them down for a casual yet trendy weekend look. Pair it with minimal accessories, slouchy sweater and a tank top. This look will surely provide you with self-confidence. Choose your favorite one to be in latest fashion.

Paired with Prints

To get a trendy look, pair them with a printed top. Printed upper wear is in latest fashion nowadays which is still going strong. You can update your look a bit by wearing a nice printed t-shirt or blouse to have a streamlined look. Choose a printed top that can compliment your jeans well.

Pretty and Polished

Wear patent shoes and a blazer to look more sophisticated. Your look can be polished up with a blazer, no matter which color you are wearing. Wear a white blazer to look fresher.

For a night out

For a night out look, wear a slinky top, lots of bling and stiletto heels with your colored jeans. Opt for bolder and darker ones for a cool night time look.

The above tips can make your colored jeans look more on-trend and stylish. They are must-haves for almost every occasion. Visit our website!

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Clothing, Fashion, Shopping

Things To Wear With Colored Skinny Jeans

Colored skinny jeans are often considered as a piece of statement. They look very bright and fit wearers perfectly. There are many people who find wearing skinny jeans very tough as they tightly fit the ankles and hips. They also reduce the length of the legs and increase the size of thighs and hips visually. In order to balance the fit and brightness of the colored jeans and to make them chic and flattering, you need to pair them with tall heels and neutral colored tops.

Finding the right top

It always goes wrong, if you wear a tight top with bright colored jeans. The fit of skinny jeans is quite closer to the ankles and lower legs than any other style. The size of the thighs and hips can be overemphasized and draw attention of the people due to its tight fit. So, in order to balance the tight fitting effect on the lower body, it is appropriate to choose a looser fitting tip that can give your upper body a perfect look. If a more polished outfit is needed by you, wear a blazer or a fitted jacket over your loose fitting top.

As colored jeans are very bright and vibrant, so do not add a vibrant colored top to compete with your denim. Select neutral colors when selecting a top to pair with colored jeans. Colors like brown, tan, navy, black, grey and white are some of the neutral colors that go best with any color. For avoiding flashy and overly emphasized look, balance with a loose fitting top and thus, look stylish.

Selecting shoes

As the bright-colored jeans often shorten your legs visually, so wear a high heel shoe to elongate your legs. Wear neutral-colored pumps to balance your look. It helps you to look sophisticated in vibrant colored jeans and a loose fitting top. You can also wear a neutral-colored platforms or wedges, if you want a more trendy and casual look. You can wear a pair of shoes or flat sandals, if you have thin and long body structure. The additional height from high heels helps to flatter your body shape.

Choosing accessories

Colored skinny jeans look best when paired with simple, neutral-colored shoes and tops. For adding a light spark to your look, you can wear bracelets and gold or silver hooping earrings. You can wear a multi-coloured and lightweight scarf, if you need a more dramatic look. You can also wear a beaded necklace in place of a scarf.

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