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Distinguishing Between A Designer Hat And A Fake Hat

These days, people have discovered that hats are becoming a very important fashion item, especially the designer ones. There are hats for almost every occasion, and since there are some entrepreneurs who want to cash in on this great opportunity, the number of fake designer hats in the market has been on the rise. In order to protect consumers, here is a list of things that people ought to look out for when they are out shopping for their favourite hats:

The branding – correct name and logo

Some people do not take enough time to look at the label or the logo of their favourite designers properly, which leads them to making a mistake when making the purchase. Fake products are designed by tweaking the names or images of designer products in the smallest possible way, so as to mislead buyers who are not paying close attention to what they are buying, so that they think they are buying the real thing.

The quality of the fabric

The real designer products are made from good quality material that is both appealing to the eye and touch. Designer products will not wear down quickly or tear easily, they will not fade over time and they will always look good, that is with proper handling of course.

The price that you are asked to pay for it

Something about designer hats is that they are quite expensive when you compare them to other products in the market. Some people say that ‘if the deal is too good, think twice’ and there is a lot of truth in that statement, especially with regard to hats. The fake products in the market will often be cheaper than the real thing, since their production process is cheaper and their distribution is illegal.

Styles or colours that you have never seen before

Designer companies have colours that they set apart to be their product colours, and unless the company clearly advertises products of different colours from what it is used to, coming across products of different colours is a clear sign that the products are fakes.

The packaging

Finally, the designer hats will obviously come in a package that will be unique to the company. Coming across the product on a shelf without the proper packaging, or having a dealer hand it to you on the streets is a sure sign that you are buying a fake. Do your research before you buy one, it will surely save you a lot of time, money and disappointment. Visit us!

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A Hat That Matches Your Facial Features

Fashion transcends age and grace. It is common for men to consider a prospective headgear based on whether they have a garment that matches with the hat and whether it rests comfortably on their heads. Unfortunately, very few of these men consider carefully whether they have the right face for the hat. For example, a man who has a square face should consider a hat that adds curvature, while softening the edges to make the face appear less boxy. A hat with a full, rounded medium height crown, a side tilt, wide width brim, minimal to non-existent taper should do. Therefore, a homburg and bowler is the recommended hat. Other facial and suitable men’s hats include:

· Short, full face

A round face can be balanced out perfectly with a moderate width brim and medium height & size crown- this helps to give the appearance of added height and an elongated face. A narrow hatband that features contrasting colors can add height. However, the wearer should avoid tilting the hat too much because this is likely to shorten the face even further. The recommended hats for short, full face include the Panama, Gambler and Fedora.

· Long, thin face

A hat that helps to shorten the appearance of a long, thin face is a good investment. Hats that feature a shorter height crown and moderately wide brim can help offset the length of a long face. On the other hand, hats with too high, full, or square crowns should be avoided. A hat with a moderate taper and a wide hatband with contrasting color is a good idea. The hat can be tilted back slightly, to one side. The recommended hats are Derby, Homburg and Fedora.

· Top-heavy face

Men who have prominent forehead need hats that can balance out the bottom and top half of their face. A top-heavy face is often wider on the top half and narrow at the chin line. Although there is nothing wrong with men having prominent forehead, a medium height to short height crown and brim rolled at the sides and back can help lessen the impact of the face’s top half and reduce it to a more balanced size. They should avoid crowns that have a full or very high crown. A moderate taper and slight tilt that is not too far back is good. The recommended men’s hats for top-heavy face are the Homburg and Fedora.

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Tips for Choosing Men’s Hats

Humans tend to find objects that are largely symmetry, attractive. Therefore, faces that are more symmetrical are considered more appealing. Fortunately, there is something we can do, other than surgery, to enhance the symmetry of our facial features. Women often mitigate their asymmetries by getting a haircut or hairstyle that flatters the shape of their face. Men, however, may not have enough variety to achieve the same effect, but the right men’s hats can help a men look more dapper. The right hat can increase a man’s strong features, giving them a sharper appearance. The tips for choosing the right hat include:

· Oval or anomalous face

Oval faces are no doubt lucky. A face that is perfectly symmetrical can look good in any hat, apart from a deerstalker. If you do not have a short, full face or an oval face, a medium brimmed hat will give you a classic look. A rambler-style trilby fits many face shapes and matches most clothing.

· Long nose

If you have a long nose, choose a hat that breaks the line from brim to the nose’s tip. A hat that features a wide width brim that extends beyond the tip of the nose is a good idea. Furthermore, it should have a medium height crown, without being too tightly pinched at the front. In addition, the hat should have minimal to non-existent taper, wide & colorful hatband and a tilt to the side. The recommended hat for men with long noses is the Fedora.

· Prominent jaw

Men with prominent jaws need to wear a hat that balances their strong chin. A hat that features a medium width brim, snapped fully across is a good idea. However, the wearer needs to make sure the hut does not turn up sharply in the back because this is likely to make the jaw even more prominent. Furthermore, the right hat should feature a low or medium height crown, while avoiding too high or full crowns. A hat with side dents tends to add the right fullness. A level side tilt and slight taper is good, with the recommended hat for a man with a prominent jaw being a Fedora.

· Receding chin

Men with a receding chin require a hat that draws attention upwards, away from their chin. Therefore, a hat with a low height crown, a significant taper, a narrow hatband and a very shallow snap or flat brim can help. Furthermore, the hat should have a level, significant side tilt. Some of the recommended hats for men with a receding chin include the Trilby, Porkpie and Fedora that features a short brim and crown.

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Tips to Buy Men’s Hats That Make You Look Cool and Fashionable

Most humans find symmetrical things to be more attractive. A symmetrical face is more appealing to everyone. However, not all of us are born perfect. There are some specific types of haircuts that are just meant to balance the symmetry of faces. For men, haircuts might not make much of a difference. What can come to your aid here, are the hats.

The right hat can improve your attractiveness, and give you a much sharper look. But finding the right ones can be a challenging task. Here in this post, we will help you choose the best hats that enhance your look, and make you feel more comfortable.

You Have Reasons To Wear A Hat!

  • Sports event: Whether you are a spectator or a participant at any sport event, you need to wear hat to save your head from hot and harmful sunrays.
    Creating an Image: Wearing a hat will help you impress people and create a respectable image.
    Headgear: If you have a bad hair day, or going bald, then hats come to your rescue.
    Look Taller: Wearing a hat will make you look a little taller than you are. Besides, if you are dressed in formals, it will only enhance your overall appearance.
    Protection: For protecting your head from rain or hot sun, hats are the best option.

Today, hats are available in different styles, sizes, makes and colours. There are hundreds of mens hat that you can choose from. However, there are a few things that you need to consider before purchasing a perfect one for you.

Tips to buy a hat:

  • Types: You need to know what types of hats are available in the market.
    Try them: Wear a few and find out which one suits your face cut/shape.
    Material: Material should be durable as well as comfortable to wear.

Styles To Choose From:

For a round shaped face, slim trim fit will do wonders. If you have a long face, then wear a short one with less tilted on the sides. People having large forehead need a hat with a brim rolled at the back to hide your prominent forehead.

For a square shaped face, round crown with medium height will suit well. Those who have an oval face are actually blessed, as any kind of hat will suit their face. These are basic things that one needs to consider while buying a hat.

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