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How To Dress For The Office In Style?

Though nowadays people like to dress casually in the workplace, but you must have to be a little stylish and look good. Do not wear too casual or too formal. The main thing is your comfort. Your office dress should be enough comfortable to carry throughout the day.

Here is a list of some business casual style tips.

Focus on fit – Proper fitting of the outfit should be your primary concern. Do not let your ill-fit clothes destroy your style statement. Avoid wearing large or skinny fit because neither of them can make you look good. You must wear properly fitted clothes to look smart.

Build with basics – After getting the idea about your correct fit, start filling up your wardrobe with basics. At first try to get mix and match clothes so that you can wear them with any outfit. Different types of jackets, pants, ties and shirts should be your first priority. Go creative with different patterns, colours and textures, after a solid closet full of basics has been built by you.

The business casual essentials – The maximum levels of versatility can be achieved by you with minimum effort by choosing your essentials very carefully.

Blazers – Get a proper fitted blazer that should not peak on your shoulders. The blazer should fit square with slim sides. It should not be very long and finish just below your hip. You must show off the cuffs of your shirt from the jacket. After purchasing a blazer, see a tailor to get all these details.

There are three types of blazers available for winter and summer. A classic navy blazer should be your first choice to flatter your physique. With peak or notch lapels and single breast design, this blazer can help to enhance your look. Go for grey tweed blazer for winter. Opt for a beige pure cotton blazer for summer to keep your body cool.

Shirts – Check the fit in the shoulders to get a good fitting shirt. There should be two fingers gap between the neck and the collar. Buy a shirt with slim-fit design if you have broad shoulders. Go for checks, stripes and gingham versions of standard colours like pale pink, white and light blue.

Trousers – Trousers are the most important parts of your formal outfit. For getting a semi-formal work look, go for mid-weight cotton chinos of camel or navy colours. Do not invest much in cropped trousers.

Thus, follow these tips to get a stylish business casual look. Visit us!

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Clothing, Fashion, Shopping

5 Reasons for You to Wear Red Jeans!

And you thought jeans are all about blue and navy blue colors!

From the time jeans were introduced in the market, millions of people went gaga over them. No matter what kind of a t-shirt or shirt you wear, you feel comfortable the most in your jeans. There are so many people out there that adore their jeans more than any other clothes that they have in their wardrobes. They don’t even feel like getting out of their favorite ones. But if you continue to stay in the same pair of it, you can’t possibly think of changing your style and fashion.

If you don’t like the color red, it is time for you to know that there are thousands of women that buy red colored jeans for women for the following reasons:

  1. To keep up with the growing fashion – Fashion is like a tree and its branches keep growing. Red is that color that has currently gained immense popularity in the market. Many people prefer wearing this color because it is said to be one of the trendiest colors available. Since women like coping up with fashion, they prefer this color.
  2. To look ‘loud’ – In case you didn’t know already; many women prefer being loud in the crowd. They want to look different and there’s absolutely no other color than this one to make you appear unique in the crowd.
  3. There are different shades of this color – Just like every other color, this color has its shades as well. There are different shades of red that can be worn to increase the look of your legs.
  4. One color suits all – Sometimes, some colors do not suit women that have thunder thighs; on the other hand, there are those shades as well that make skinny legs appear skinnier, which is a big turn off for the opposite gender. However, red is that one unique color that suits all sorts of legs.
  5. Can be excellent gifts – It doesn’t matter if your girlfriend likes this color or not, if you gift her red jeans, she would adore them. First of all, there’s absolutely no one who doesn’t appreciate this shade in the palette of colors. Secondly, every woman has a red lipstick in her handbag and if she has jeans to match up with her lipstick, she goes crazy for them. Therefore, this shade of jeans can be the best one when it comes to buy something to gift to her.

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